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Alpase is a leading integrated cast plate producer. M1 cast aluminium mold plate producer. M1 cast aluminium mold block is the brand leader for molding applications worldwide. It's attributes include high strength, stability during machining and uniform grain. M1 was designed by the plastics and mold industry.

M1 has excellent elevated temperature properties and heat transfer capabilities in a cast product allowing quicker cycle times during the manufacturing process. This makes Alpase's M1 more cost effective than wrought aluminium and tool steel by lowering machining costs.

M-1 Product Features and Benefits
Density: M-1 offers a very tight equiaxed grain structure that is metallurgically sound throughout. This is achieved using modern technologies in casting, cooling and homogenization processes.

Brinell Hardness: Highly consistent throughout the entire plate regardless of thickness.

Machinability: Aluminium machining rates are over 3 times that of steel and M-1 is rated very high among aluminium alloys. M-1 has the capability of achieving an excellent surface finish.

Weldability: Maintains its mechanical properties in and adjacent to weld areas without additional heat treatment unlike wrought alloys.
Dimensional Stability: Unlike wrought alloys, M-1 maintains dimensional stability during machining without stress relieving.

Hardcoat Anodize: M-1 conforms well to hard-coat anodizing as well as Nickel Coating.

Cost Efficiency: Decreases production costs and increases productivity better than tool steel or wrought aluminium molds. High thermal conductivity allows for shorter cycle times.

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