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Preferred alloys have helped numerous aerospace companies find the industrial metals they need. There is no doubt that having the right industrial metals in hand is essential to business operations in the aerospace industry. After all, when you're transporting passengers, or at least vital commercial products, lives are literally at stake. More importantly, you need durable, high-quality elastomeric alloys that perform seamlessly despite the unique needs of the industry. Between the varying weather conditions and altitudes, having the right industrial metals is essential.

We take pride in being the aerospace metal supplier our customers deserve. We test our products to the highest standards, ensuring that every time you buy from us you can rest assured knowing you are receiving high quality industrial metal to the correct specification for your needs. Our aerospace customers use our metals in a variety of applications including aircraft engines, landing equipment, components that need to thrive in high temperature components, exhaust equipment and more. For more information or to obtain a free quote, please contact us today.

When looking for metallurgical alloys, you need alloys that will perform in harsh environments like die casting. The industrial metals we offer are strong, corrosion resistant, durable and have a long shelf life, ensuring they perform well in harsh environments. We've built our reputation by providing some of the best customer service in the industry. Check out all the different options we have available.

Preferred Alloys has earned our reputation by providing some of the best customer service in the industry. We supply materials of the highest quality to many industries including metallurgy. We provide a quick, free quote and will be based on your exact specifications. If you have any general or specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact Preferred Alloys.

When you choose Preferred Alloys as your alloy supplier for your military and defence related business, you can rest easy knowing that you are receiving high quality industrial metals. Industrial metals are used in a variety of ways in the defense contracting industry. For example, industrial metals are used in critical vehicles, including jet aircraft, ships, and military vehicles. For troops to be at their best, the tools and equipment they use must be composed of the best tried, tested, and true materials.

Whether you're manufacturing jet engines, rotor shafts, casings, or other critical equipment for defense applications, Preferred Alloys has the high-quality materials you need. Most importantly, we take customer service very seriously, as evidenced by our many long-term repeat customers. Additionally, we offer customization options based on the specifications required for your equipment. To learn more about how we can help you supply the industrial metals you need for your defense applications, or to receive a free and timely quote, please contact us at your convenience.

Preferred Alloys is a proud industrial metals partner and supplier to numerous industrial labs. We supply laboratory industrial metals to a wide range of industries. When you need laboratory-grade aluminium, we'll get you to the exact specification you need.

We work closely with laboratory owners, researchers, and developers to provide them with the alloys and materials they need to get their jobs done. With our many years of experience, expertise, and equipment, we can help you develop the specifications your lab needs.

Our team is always ready to help answer any of your questions. Contact us today to get started or get a free quote with your specifications.

Modern life as we know it would not be as safe, secure, and comfortable as it is today without the semiconductor industry. The semiconductor industry is a critical aspect of our national and global economy, affecting nearly every other industry. As a reputed supplier of Semiconductor Alloys, we offer a wide range of industrial metals as per our customers' specifications.

Of course, the semiconductor industry needs durable, strong, and high-quality industrial metals that can act as a transition between conductors and insulators at specific temperatures. Whether you need alloys for electrical circuits, electronics, or other technologies, we have the options you need to ensure you have a great product.
We put customer service at the top of our list and ensure our customers receive only the best alloys. Additionally, we will customize it to your specifications to meet your exact needs.
Contact us today if you have any questions or would like a free quote.

We are the alloy supplier of choice to countless medical device manufacturers.

Of course, a medical device is as good as the materials from which it is constructed. For companies manufacturing medical devices, having a reliable supplier of medical grade alloys is critical. Preferred Alloys is the alloy supplier of choice to numerous medical device manufacturers. We have been supplying our customers with the industrial metals they need for their operations.

Our materials are used in a variety of applications including, but not limited to, medical devices and devices such as stents, and devices that require just the right amount of material composition and strength to provide the care patients need. These strong and durable materials are used in the crafting of important items. For more information or to receive a free quote, please contact us today.

Are you looking for corrosion resistant alloys for Oil & Gas applications? Fortunately, you can end your search by trusting Preferred Alloys.

Ultimately, companies in the oil refining industry must have reliable alloys to safely transport equipment and materials. Accidents don’t just happen in the oil refining industry – if things go wrong, there can be hazards for humans and the environment.

Therefore, it is critical to use the correct materials to manufacture the device. In the oil and gas industry, the risk of acid corrosion and rust is always present, which is why you need pipes and tubing that are truly durable and stable. To learn more about the different industrial metals we sell or to request a free quote, contact us.

Can you imagine the modern world without the cell phone in your pocket, with access to an almost unlimited amount of information? Cell phones, computers, gaming systems, and other electronic devices have revolutionized the world and continue to be an essential part of everyday life. When we think of electronic devices, we usually think of the names of the big manufacturers that get all the media attention for getting the final product to the consumer. However, in order for electronic products to hit the shelves, they must contain the right elements for safety and user experience reasons.
Aluminium alloys with proven corrosion resistance are therefore important aspects of countless electronic devices and applications.

Our aluminium alloys are used in various applications in electronics, especially smartphones. At the same time, aluminium is corrosion-resistant and provides the strength and sturdiness needed to keep modern electronics resilient, making it ideal for both internal and external enclosures.

At the root of this evolution, of course, are alloys that allow electronics to function as we want them to. To learn more or to receive a free quote for aluminium alloys for the electronics industry, contact us.

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