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6061 Aluminium Square Bar

6061 Aluminium Square Bar

6061 Aluminium Square Bar

Designed for use in aerospace, fittings, valves, drive shafts, couplings, structural, signs, and marine applications.

More Information
The 6061 aluminium square bar is an alloy that is made up of silicon and magnesium. It is highly corrosion resistant – the highest in the heat treated aluminium category. This part has great weldability, with the ability to be welded using any standard method. It can also have cold working done easily when in the annealed state. Annealing this metal should be done at 775 degrees F for between two and three hours, followed by a drop in temperature every hour by 50 degrees F, until 500 degrees F is reached.

6061 alloys can be cold worked using conventional methods, which allow you to tap, deep draw, stamp, drill, cut or bend this metal. The applications this alloy can be used for include base plates, valve parts, machine parts, brackets, heavy duty structures and marine fittings. Many different industries use 6061 aluminium products.

To help improve the corrosion resistance of this product, anodizing can be done or other coatings can be applied to the surface. It has great mechanical properties, which allows it to be machined. It has a high finish once machined. Forging is another way this product can be formed, which is recommended at temperatures between 750 and 900 degrees F. The range of heat that should be used for hot working is between 500 and 700 degrees F.

Methods like precipitation hardening, solution heat treating and aging precipitation heat treating can all be used for 6061 aluminium alloys. When solution heat treating, 990 degrees F should be used. Water quenching is recommended for this process. Air cooling is needed after annealing and using other heat treatment processes.

The 6061 aluminium square bar can be purchased in sizes between .375 and 6 inches thick and up to 144 inches long.

Tech Specs (inches)

Thickness Min: 0.375 inches
Max: 6 inches
Length Max: 144 inches
Width Min: 0
Max: 0
Other (Wall, Etc…) Min: N/A
Max: N/A
Tolerances Thickness: +/-.008 inches to +/-.044 inches DEPENDING ON DIAMETER
Width: 0
Length: +.125 inches to +.1875 inches DEPENDING ON DIAMETER

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It is one of the most common aluminium alloys with good machinability, excellent weldability,  and above average corrosion resistance.
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